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Downtown/Town Lake: 85281

Downtown/Town Lake, ZIP code 85281, is the most urban part of the city. ASU is located there. So are several growing employers including State Farm.

Central Tempe/McClintock: 85282

Central Tempe/McClintock is next to the university. Many students and young families live there. Arizona Mills and Tempe Diablo Stadium are on the western edge of this neighborhood.

Central Tempe/Lakes: 85283

Central Tempe/Lakes has a more suburban feel. The popular Kiwanis Park is in this part of Tempe. You’ll also find neighborhood shopping centers and bike paths.

South Tempe: 85284

South Tempe has bigger homes and yards but prices are higher. Top-rated schools are the norm. Honeywell has a big facility in this neighborhood. The Arizona State University Research Park is also there.

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